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Now we have to look at where you acquire your calories. This is where you implement a diet that will curb your intake. Lets begin by saying you burn 3500 calories a day. You are currently at 200lb’s and don’t really gain anything or lose anything. This is your steady state. You will now need to eat less than 3500 calories to lose or more than 3500 to gain. The main way of accomplishing this is dropping 500 calories from your diet or exercising 500 additional calories or doing a little of both. (I chose 500 calories because it’s a great way to spare muscle)

The first thing towards a solid diet is spending a few days calculating your daily intake by making a daily log. Look up online what certain meals contain, look at labels, make a spreadsheet and add them up. Once you get the idea of how many calories you eat, look at your log and see the extremely high calories items. The biggest thing I’ve found working with clients to help them lose weight are the simple items. Instead of the soda, go for a diet soda. You just bodybuilding something along the lines of 100-200 calories and still retain the enjoyableness of a soda. Take out a desert every other night. Remove desert like snacks (cookies, cakes, candies, etc) and replace it with healthier options an apple, graham crackers, etc. In all reality you don’t need to sacrifice everything you love. For the body builder looking to get to an extreme low, you will need to drop certain items all together, but this guide isn’t for the extreme.

So now that we now have a basic idea on how dieting works, lets move onto exercise. It’s very simple for you remove another 250 calories, go for a 30min light jog and burn an additional 250 calories. There is your 500-calorie deficit and now you are losing about 1-2lbs a week! The best part is this new plan barely took almost no effort let alone any burden on your self. If anything you are now a much healthier person. 


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