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The golden ticket to a great bodybuilding on the beach is a good six pack and low body fat. To achieve this most people will need to diet and lower there body fat from the average 12-16% to a decent 7-10% (keep in mind no matter what % you are currently at the outline I am going to present will work for anyone). People look for all sorts of ways to get there. Most people want a drug induced, non-dieting/cardio solution. Hate to break it to you folks but it doesn’t exist. There are a few key principles that people need to get down before any change will ever take place. Proper diet, exercise, and possible supplementation are the right and only road that exists in order to achieve this. So lets get started, and be mindful it isn’t easy.

Diet is the first principle that people need to understand in order to fully begin a transformation. So in order to get a proper diet down the first thing that needs to be understood is the underlying ideas. During the weight lifting day you burn a certain amount of calories. You have your basal metabolic rate, in essence its what your body will burn on its own without doing any activity. Than through out the day walking around, being active you burn a certain amount of calories ontop of that. The best way to determine what you’re burning is a rough estimate. Than include your exercise at the gym, running around your neighborhood, or whatever you do. You add them all up and you get your daily average of what you’re bodybuilding. That will be the basis for how you are going to lose fat.


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